Art on the Greens

Art on the Greens: Teesside Talent Takes Over Putter Chaos!

Putter Chaos loves collaborating with local artists around Teesside throughout their course. Proud to be a local born and bred company, Putter Chaos firmly believes in supporting the local community and are proud to show this throughout their handmade and upcycled course. These artists have done a fantastic job in adding a fun and unique twist to the venue, making this a truly unique spot. 

Meet the artists around the course: 

Drews Wonder Walls 

Drews hand painted murals add a touch of the wow factor to any area. Located in Redcar, their artwork can be spotted around Teesside as well as in many homes. Around the course Drew has created magical murals in Zone 1, known as Boutique Beach, and on the giant walk in arcade game entrance. 

Drew was also commissioned to create an epic mural of Middlesbrough Football Stadium, located in Zone 6, Our Town, on hole 16. Along with real seats from the stadium and Middlesbrough FC merch, customers can play on a life-sized foosball table while taking in the breath-taking artwork. 


Breaking the norm for street art, ZX8BIT offers a truly unique approach by creating stencilled artwork inspired from the classic retro gaming era. Putter Chaos houses one of the biggest indoor stencilled street art pieces! Located throughout Zone 4, known as Arcade Adventure, spot some iconic classics like Tetris, Donkey Kong and Sonic. 



Middlesbrough based artist ZeroGradient, developed a love for graffiti and street art from a young age. ZeroGradients work can be spotted along the walls of the lounge area in Putter Chaos, adding a cool and neon vibe to this hidden spot. In amongst this artwork, you can spot their unique and vibrant landscape artwork as well as their well known ‘censored beauties’. 



Well known for their colourful and vibrant work around Middlesbrough, particularly in Baker and Bedford street and Captains Cooks Square, Bobzilla makes any area come alive. Bobzillas artwork can be spotted in the lounge area at Putter Chaos. 


Each artist’s work has been strategically placed around Putter Chaos, turning every corner into a delightful surprise for customers. After a round of golf, grab a drink from the bar and head to the lounge area to take in all the amazing artwork. If you’re planning a day out around Teesside, we really recommend visiting all the local artwork and supporting the local artist community. To visit all this amazing artwork at Putter Chaos, book now online or simply walk in.