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Looking for an end of term party or a reward for the top performing students?

We can help you host the ultimate school event! 

Whether you’re planning a class day out, a celebration for the top performing students or looking for a location which can meet sensory needs, we can cater to your requirements at Putter Chaos! 

What can we provide? 

When you book with us, you’ll have exclusive use of the entire venue, providing a private, safe and controlled environment. 

There is also plenty of seating and tables, making it the ideal spot for a bite to eat! We allow you to bring your catering onsite or can offer catering options from an outside company. 

Our venue is designed to accommodate sensory needs, with adjustable volumes and lightening options to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable experience for every individual. Whether this physical disabilities or extra needs, we are committed to providing an inclusive and welcome atmosphere for all students. Please note that we currently do not have wheelchair access. 

Join us for an adventure filled day of mini golf and celebrate the achievements of your students in a fun and inclusive setting! 

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